About The Brand

Anant – The Limitless Art founded by Prajakta Joshi is a home décor and a lifestyle brand. It was born with a vision to celebrate art, craft and design all over the world and in every possible house. Ethnic home décor, lifestyle and gifting is our forte. We as a part of this enormous world are very fortunate to experience and enjoy the authenticity and the ethnicity that the whole world provides. Art, Craft and Design are the exact form of expression of the heritage, culture, tradition and lifestyle. The values, morals and principles that we have inherited from our ancestors reflect upon our way of living. Likewise in our homes, every room, space and corner is given the right amount of thought and effort to bring the best out of it. "Anant - The Limitless Art" is one such venture born from an Indian origin but has a long way to go to experience and showcase the other art forms too that many other land provides. As the name suggests it is an endless journey of art, craft, handicraft and design


We are living in a fast pace world where the demand for newness increases constantly. With this demand of “Newness”, we have somewhere lost the connection with our heritage, our culture and our traditions. Our mission is to bridge this gap between the traditional art and the modern world through our range of ethnic products.

Design Philosophy

Ethnicity and traditionality is what one can find in each of our products. Every product of ours is an equal balance mixture of "Anokha (Unique), Masala (Exciting), Saadgi (Simple) and Vilakshan (eccentric)". We prefer keeping up with not only latest Trends but also our Heritage and Culture. We hope your hunt for ethnicity ends here!!


At ATLA, we believe that every single handmade product carries an essence of tons of people who have contributed in making that one product. It somewhere has lived a journey from it’s birth to now serving it’s purpose in your life and this makes each and every handcrafted product a unique one with an unique story altogether. We are here to make a new story everyday! What’s your story of Anant?

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