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Golden Line Art Planter Set

Golden Line Art Planter Set

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Description: Our hand painted Planters are everyone's favourite. This is our most loved design, Golden Line Art Planter Set. Blends well with any theme of decor and adds a classy look to the space. This medium sized planter is ideal to use indoor as it does not have a hole at the bottom but at the same time it makes it easy to place in any corner and on any surface without worrying about spilling or leakage! But no hole won't damage the plant? No, terracotta has ability to absorb water, you can feel the planter turn cold when you add water in it, hence the plant can be all happy and green even with no hole at the bottom.

Product Information:
Material: Terracotta 

Size: Small, Medium, Large

Box Contents: 3 Planters

Care Instructions: For dusting, use a dry microfibre cloth and if it gets stained use a damp cloth to clean the stain.

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